10 Travel gadgets that may change the way you travel

A full disclaimer for the beginning: this article is not sponsored by any of the listed products or anyone commercially related.


Usually I’m not someone who writes about stuff you HAVE to buy because it will change your life. To be honest, I believe that most of them are just unnecessary junk and waste of money and space (whether they are even somewhat ecological is for another discussion). I’m a huge fan of minimalist lifestyle and I try to live accordingly when possible. Travelling in a minimalist way is also much more convenient and easier than travelling with all the avoidable stuff.

 Isn't he cool?

Photo credit: bfishadow (That’s an iPod Shuffle 3G if you’re interested. This particular gadget isn’t included in my list but isn’t that picture great? 🙂 )


That being said, sometimes I happen to come across some exceptional tools or gadgets I wish I had (and maybe I will eventually and you’ll be able to read not only my wishlist but a first-hand review as well). As I believe that similar people may have similar problems, I’m sharing my travel gizmo wishlist with you, hoping that maybe it will help and inspire someone.


At this point, I’m not lucky enough to have any sponsors backing up my blog (yet – no self pity intended) so at least you can be sure that following lines are entirely my own views.

Travel Gadgets That Are Worth Your Attention

#1 Card ninja

A card ‘ninja’ that holds your cards, ID, driver’s licence and cash securely together on your phone. Seems extremely handy to me! (no pun intended. Or maybe… a little)


#2 Underabove

A dual-lens buoy-style camera that can take pictures of the underwater happenings and above the water happening, at the same time.


#3 Bikn

This gizmo reportedly helps your phone to find your stuff (like keys, for instance) and vice versa thanks to a special case and tags which share a mutual wireless network.


#4 JuiceTank

The first ever iPhone case AND charger in one. Enough said, I think.


#5 Phone wrist wallet

As an alternative to card ninja. This travel gadget might be handy not only when travelling but also for jogging or everyday shopping.


#6 Cool travel tag

This one may sound funny but it actually IS a great gadget when you’re able to recognise your luggage in an instance and it can start some conversations at the same time. I got a similar one with the same copy as a birthday gift from my BFF and I totally love it. I can’t say how many times it cheered me up just by looking at it during long and tiring hours at airports.


#7 Hoodie pillow

Doesn’t it sound great? It seems so comfy and much more usable than ordinary inflatable pillows (which also happen to have such a displeasing surface, if you ask me).


#8 Smartphone lenses

iPhone and Android lenses for perfect captures that will look soooo good on your Facebook and Google+ page! They certainly are on my birthday wishlist.



Okay, the last two picks are extra weird ones and more for fun than for real use but I just have to share them with you 🙂


#9 Female urination device

This device promises to let you go to bathroom standing up – yep, as guys do. It’s made from a germ-resistant silicone and includes a bag (either for storage or disposal of your… erm, product).


#10 Pocket Shower

Don’t know if this one is genius or just silly but it certainly grabs my attention. This bag can store up to 10 litres of water and promises to give you a nice shower anywhere you feel like it. The black colour of the bag is not unintentional – it attracts sunlight and heat the water within!


Wow… So what do you think about these travel gadgets? Cool or silly? You decide.

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