Lately I’ve started to think about Christmas a lot. Pre-festive season will be pretty stressful for me this year – going to Slovakia for a long weekend again, finishing a big work project and finally moving to a new home is on my plan and all will eat a lot of time that I would rather spend on baking Christmas cookies or planning new trip.

5 awesome christmas gifts for travellers

And I don’t know about you but I personally hate shopping right before the holidays when stores are packed with nervous customers, shelves are getting emptier and emptier and all that gift-choosing becomes more stressful the less time there’s left until the big day.


For this reason when possible I like to choose and buy presents for others in advance. The whole pre-festive period is then much more relaxed and I can focus on what’s most important about Christmas – being thankful for loved ones and think about everything this year has brought so far.


So that’s why I come with the post about Christmas presents in the middle of November. I hope it will be helpful for someone and if it’s too soon for you, bookmark this page and come back when you’ll be searching some birthday gift inspiration – it’s the thing you give that counts, not time of the year when you’re giving it to someone!


1. Travel mug


Travel mugs are a great way how to drink your coffee or tea in a more eco-responsible way and they look so good! My personal favourite is the sweet travel set from Next, perfect for any polka dot lover! If my beloved Nerd is reading this and he’s still thinking about what I’d like, these lines are for you, dear 🙂


Other great picks are this super stylish Joco cup or an ever-time classic from Starbucks.

Travel mug is a great Christmas gift for travellers

2. Travel cosmetics


This is something (almost) every traveller needs from time to time so they will certainly appreciate that they don’t have to buy them once. If you want to make your gift a bit fancier, choose a fancy(ish) brand. L’Occitane sells nice travel sets (tick ‘Travel Collections’ on the left) that make a great gift for any occasion. My favourite brand is Yves Rocher and their smaller versions of cosmetics like this awwwwesome Malaysian Coconut Shower Gel – can’t get enough of its amazing smell!

Travel-sized cosmetics from Yves Rocher - Christmas tip for travellers

3. Portable charger


Since Nerd brought one home from a hackaton (no stealing, it was part of their welcome package 😉 ) I take it everywhere I go – it’s such a handy gadget! Especially if you’re on a conference, trade market or other event and you’re online all the time which eats battery in your smartphone rapidly. This is a saver and I bet every traveller with a smartphone will be totally grateful to get one! Btw, don’t forget to add a USB cable to get it work 😉

Portable charger for smartphone - such a handy gadget and a great Christmas gift for travellers!

4. Books


Books are always a great gift, travellers are no exception (those who read them, that is)! Guide books and books about travel stories are two types that you cannot go wrong with. Recently I’ve read Torre de Roche’s Love with a chance of drowning which is a beautiful and hugely inspirational memoir of Torre who sailed Pacific despite being terrified by ocean. You can find also other travel stories in Amazon recommendations – the stream of inspiration is almost endless!


When it comes to guides, I’ve fallen in love with the 36 Hours book series from The New York Times and published by Taschen (which is always a mark of high quality). First time I’ve seen one was at our host’s apartment in Paris about a month ago and I knew instantly I have to have them. Every destination is described briefly but concisely, accompanied with beautiful photos and colourful illustrations. More about this series in a separate review I’m working on. And no, The New York Times haven’t asked me for publicity (although they could 😀 ), I just reaaally love them 🙂

The New York Times: 36 Hours Asia & Oceania published by Taschen as a Christmas gift for travellers - you can't go wrong with this book series!

5. Photo book gift card


Photo books are my thing and I’m sure I’m not alone in this. Recently I’ve come across Mosaic – app that allows you to create beautiful photo books from your trips with a gift card option. I haven’t tried them yet but they have lots of good reviews and were featured on USA Today, Forbes Travel Guide, Techcrunch, Mashable, Good Morning America or The Verge. Of course, you don’t have to use this specific app for a photo book and there are lots of others in various countries, but I would definitely give it a go!



So there you have it, 5 cool gifts for globetrotters and inspiring travellers. If you’re hungry after more cool tips, check out my dedicated Pinterest board and don’t skip my older Travel Gadgets board too!


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And if you have any other tips for travel gifts, be sure to share them in comments – there’s never enough of them!