My first dinner in London after relocating.


My first Valentine’s day (or evening to be specific) with my beloved Nerd.


My first proper Thai food.


My first food orgasm 🙂  and the first experience with some Really Frickin’ Good Food.


My first time eating out with sticks.


I have so many memories tied with Busaba Eathai. And all of them are either good or great!


Even though I had a hard time with my first thai curry as I’m pretty sensitive to spicy and hot food, even though this was a good experience in its own way. And I looked at it more as an inner journey than just ‘Oh my god it’s so hot I can’t breathe.’ (Also I was pretty proud of myself when I finished the bowl! )

Drink at Busaba Eathai

So, Busaba. First time I went there I was astounded by so may things – nicely decorated interior, unusual communal seating, new smells and indescribably amazing (at least for me that time) taste of my Pad Thai Jay – a vegetarian version of traditional Pad Thai.

I loved everything about it. Including the seating although I’m not very social. A year and a half and uncountable more visits later I’m a bit more realistic. That means I don’t get almost orgasmic shivers just by being welcomed and seated but I still love their food and the whole concept.


The food is always of very good quality for a friendly price (even if you’re a tourist on a budget you can afford one proper dinner there without regrets). Staff is attentive, as quick as they can (I believe) and I have never felt bad there.


The menu includes Thai/Asian classics such as pad thai, thai curries, rich noodle soups or stir-fry.  Side selection is plentiful and grilled meat and salads are options, too.

Busaba Eathai, London


You can find Busaba Eathai in various parts of London, from Covent Garden to Stratford. One thing to be warned of – as far as I know they don’t take reservations so better be early on busy times such as Thursday or Friday evening.


What are your favourite Asian/Thai restaurants all around the world? I’d love to hear some tips for my next trips! (the rhyme was not intended 😀 )


Photo credits: Giulia MuleYukino Miyazawa