Once I heard that British national cuisine is Indian cuisine. Looking at the history of Britain and locals’ habits I’m keen to believe it’s true.


I had Indian food a couple of times before in Bratislava but nothing could be compared to real British-Indian experience. It happened in Masala Zone in Islington. I think it was my second time in Islington and it was right after a viewing of our apartment-to-be (which we’re happily renting since then).


I fell in love with Masala Zone instantly. The ambiance, the food, Islington and its Upper Street’s charm and novelty of everything around (including the London itself as it was one of my first weeks in the city) worked very well on me. The great thing is, the positive feeling remains and Masala Zone is now one of our regular go to places when we feel like eating out.

thali at Masala Zone, Islington

Having a regular thali at Masala Zone.

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Currently Masala Zone has several locations in London. Besides Islington you can find them in Bayswater, Camden Town, Convent Garden, Soho or Earl’s Court. The price range is very friendly for locals and acceptable for tourists (if you’re coming from less expensive city). In menu you can find curries, street food and thalis which I would specially recommend. In case you’re wondering what a thali is, it’s a balanced meal consisting of a curry of your choice, dal (traditional Indian lentil soup), daily vegetable meal, chutney & mint sauce, poppadum and either rice or chapati as a side. There are also Grand Thalis which is basically a bigger version with a couple of more sides like raita and canapes.


All in all, Masala Zone is a great place either for your first time Indian experience or a regular dinner for a good price in a nice environment.

Romantic or regular dinner - Masala Zone is now our ultimate go-to when we're in a mood for Indian food.

Romantic or regular dinner – Masala Zone is now our ultimate go-to when we’re in a mood for Indian food.


Now over to you – have you been to Masala Zone yet? Or do you have any other favourite Indian restaurants in London? I’m always interested in new high quality restaurants so tips in comments are greatly appreciated!