collaborative post opportunity

Calling all travellers/bloggers/digital nomads!


The time has come when I’m working on a new collaborative post and it would be great to hear about YOUR experience. The topic is:




And I have two specific questions for you:


1. What was the weirdest/most unusual place you’ve ever worked at as a digital nomad/travel blogger?


Chicken bus in South Asia, hotel room at a really noisy hotel, dirty train station in a middle of nowhere… whatever your experience is.


And, on the other hand…


2.  What was/is your most favourite place to work at while you’re on your travels?


Stationary or moving, a particular spot on Earth or a whole city – it’s up to you.


Include a sweet & short description why is so or tell a short story if you have one. If you can add a photo it would be awesome but not mandatory. Also, don’t forget a line or two about who you are and what your blog is about and include up to 4 links (your blog, social media… you know the drill).

Wrap it all in a nice email and send it to meet (at) siminlondon (dot) com. If you want to make it a bit easier for me, putcollaborative post – workplaces’ as a subject.


THE DEADLINE IS 21. November (or 21.11. if you like).


I’ll let you know once the post is up so you can share it and enjoy as much as I will.


Looking forward to read your pieces!