Get lost in dunes of preciously fine sand without even leaving European Union? Pretty easy to do, actually. Dunas de Maspalomas in Gran Canaria (which belongs to Spain and thus is a part of European Union) is the place to go for this unique experience.

Selfie at Dunas de Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

Selfie is a must do when roaming through Dunas de Maspalomas! And since I’m not really a selfie-taker, the crazier the better!


And what are these Dunas, you ask? Basically it’s 12 kilometres long beach and dunes leading to popular (among tourists mostly) Playa del Inglés. The sand that formed dunes had been washed here from the ocean. Nowadays it’s also home to various bird species like heron, curlew or moorhen.


Dunas de Maspalomas, photo taken by Jimmy Comamala.

Photo credit: Jimmy Comamala


Why Dunas de Maspalomas?

Not only is this area interesting from a natural point of view but it’s also widely popular as a photographic spot. So if you don’t hear on expressions like ‘natural beauty,’ ‘nature reservation’ and alike, this might be a huge reason for you to go (especially if you like to take selfies or photos of all kinds and share them on social sites).

Nerd roaming through Dunas de Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

Of course I had to share this one on Instagram! It was one of the reasons why taking the photo in the first place! Just kidding, I just love taking pics of my Nerd from behind 😉

I have to say, Dunas might be also the only reason why should one visit Maspalomas. This city on a warm south coast of Gran Canaria was built to accommodate tourists and support tourism in general in Gran Canaria. Don’t expect traditional architecture or to see much of local life there. Hotel complexes and quirky, unnatural sounding street names (like Calle Londres, Avenida Estados Unidos or Avenida de Alemania) is what you will be finding around mainly. Apart from top class but touristy beaches and the Dunas.


But as it’s easily accesible via motorway and only approximately 40 minutes from Las Palmas (or roughly 20 minutes from the airport), it’s worth seeing. Even if only for those lovely, feet warming dunes!