If you want to see Norway on a tight budget, this is probably the best investment you can make, both money-wise and time-wise. Doing the Oslo – Bergen railway takes about 7 hours but it’s worth every minute.

The train journey between Oslo and Bergen is often dubbed one of the most beautiful train routes in Europe, often compared with the ones in Scotland and Switzerland.


So what makes this route so special? For starters, it’s incredibly cheap, considering Norwegian prices and the value you get.

If you book well in advance (a couple of months, if possible), the tickets will cost you 30 Euros one way and you can get an upgrade to first class (called NSB Komfort) for only 10 Euros. Wow, right?



I strongly recommend choosing first class as the difference is palpable. First class passengers are given complimentary tea and coffee and have significantly more leg room which is really appreciated when you’re sitting most of the time over several hours.

According to NSB there is also wifi on train but unfortunately it didn’t work during our journey. But what worked were power outlets which is great if you plan to do some work. Mind you – it’s really hard to get your eyes off the view for more than a few seconds, especially if it’s your first time 🙂



And the view is indeed magnificent all the time. Starting with peaceful meadows, fields and countryside with holiday cottages outside Oslo to beautiful lakes with growing mountains in the backdrop, fairytale-like snowy land around Finse, the highest point of the railway, dramatic waterfalls and valleys near Myrdal and ending with first western fjords you run along over the last section of the journey.

Okay, I’ll cut my rattle here and let the pictures speak for themselves.

All photos were taken on a phone from behind a window so pardon the occasional reflection 🙂













Climbing up to 1222 metres above sea level to Finse we were welcomed by snow patches on the peaks.


Until almost entire land was covered in snow, neverminding it was middle of July.





Be vigilant and you can get a glimpse of a waterfall here and there.



Going lower, the country gets more dramatic and resembles Canadian wilderness.





And the country behind the window doesn’t stop to amaze until the train stops at Bergen, which is completely another story.


All in all, the railway from Oslo to Bergen is a great experience worth your time and money. It doesn’t even matter when you choose to go, I’m sure there’s a lot to see in every season!


Would you be up for travelling from Oslo to Bergen by train? Or have you done this journey already?

Feel free to share your thoughts and tips for other great train journeys over the world 🙂

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