How I hacked my travel outfit - Travel Hacks


Clothes that you choose to travel in may make a huge difference to your overall travelling experience. Hence, hacking your travel outfit sounds reasonable if you want to travel better and more comfortably, right?

My personal travel outfit doesn’t change much. I try to stick with the same combination every time, if possible.


1. Bamboo clothes

The non negotiable base for my outfit is always bamboo clothes (made from bamboo viscose). Bamboo fabric is great for keeping your body warm when it’s cold and can also cool you down nicely if it’s hot. Not only that, bamboo clothes can be worn several days without a need of doing laundry – they won’t be smelly even after a week. This attribute makes them perfect not only for the journey to your destination but also as a part of your cabin bag must-haves.


My personal favourites are batwing blouse and a plain black t-shirt. The batwing piece is elegant and super comfy and handy on colder travels. The black t-shirt can be worn as a part of a casual outfit or for my workout.


My bamboo clothes were bought from a great Czech e-shop, which, unfortunately, doesn’t do international shipping (yet!). But I’m sure you can find great pieces made from bamboo all over the internet.


Wearing a bamboo batwing near Magere Brug, Amsterdam

Magere Brug in Amsterdam and my beloved batwing from bamboo viscose.

2. Hipknoties

The second, very important piece of my travel outfit is my handy Hipknoties (midi size). Have you ever heard of convertible clothes? I’m a huge fan of these and praise highly any entrepreneur who brings a new brand to the market. Hipknoties is basically a piece of fabric that can be worn literally as any piece of clothes you can imagine with a little help of a few super strong bands. The initial inspiration for Hipknoties came from infinity scarf and Hipknoties can be regarded as a high-tuned version of it.


Just a few examples of clothes that you can make out of a single Hipknoties:


– Scarf

– Skirt (various lengths)

– Dress (length depends on a size of your Hipknoties)

– Strapless top

– Halter top

– One shoulder top


And so on… your fantasy is the limit. And options even multiply if you combine various Hipknoties (by the way, they come in all range of colours) and/or use accessories.


So I guess it’s pretty obvious now why I got it always in my suitcase. Instead of carrying several clothes I need only one piece of fabric and a couple of bands and I have an original outfit for every day. Hipknoties also serves as a great cover for shoulders when it’s cold onboard or as a warm scarf after landing in colder destinations. I had used it even as a cover for my hair in a light rain once (and looked a bit like from a Persian tale 🙂 But in a good, chic way).

Since recently they also started to sell Hipknoties from bamboo, yay! What more could I want?


Hipknoties Midi size, Crete, Greece

Fighting heat in Crete with a trendy top made from Hipknoties.

3. Uniqlo Ultra Light Down

Comfort and efficiency are on the top place when it comes to my travel outfit but of course I want to look as good as possible, too. Luckily, Ultra Light Down jackets cover it all. I fell in love with this concept from the first time I heard about it. A fully functional jacket that can be stored in a nice little pouch? So light, so thin and still keeping you warm and protected from wind and rain? So freakin’ cool! Especially on travels when you want to avoid carrying bulky jackets but still need to be warm.


I’m not sure whether Uniqlo was the first brand who brought up this concept but as I chose them (without any further knowledge about other similar brands), I can speak only for them. And so far I can’t tell anything bad about my ULD jacket. I love being able to cram the whole jacket into a pouch in a few seconds and tuck it into my handbag. It’s also great for boarding when you have to wait outside where it’s cold and when you’re finally aboard you can tuck it conveniently into the pouch.

As I said, Uniqlo certainly isn’t the only producer of such jackets and I’m promoting more the concept than a specific brand. So try to look for brands that you personally prefer or that are available in your area.

Uniqlo Ultra Light Down jacket, Windsor, England

Exploring Windsor in a Uniqlo Ultra Light Down jacket.

Simplicity, Versatility, Comfort

These are the main things that can’t be missing either on me or in my suitcase on my travels. Apart from these, simple jeans and comfy trainers (nowadays it’s Puma running shoes) are my all season choices to wear for their comfortability and ability to keep me warm.


Although I’m not against accessories and jewellery I usually opt out for them just to be more efficient (just think of your last security control). Also, you don’t have to wear tons of accessories in order to stay chic, right? (especially in a batwing garment!) Simplicity, versatility (or efficiency if you like) and comfort – these are the three rules I’m trying to count on and I haven’t been disappointed yet.


From left to right: Off the Gran Canaria coast in a one shoulder top made from Hipknoties; Roque Nublo and a bamboo t-shirt; Windsor again in a Uniqlo ULD jacket.

From left to right: Off the Gran Canaria coast in a one shoulder top made from Hipknoties; Roque Nublo and a bamboo t-shirt; Windsor again in a Uniqlo ULD jacket.


Uniqlo Ultra Light Down in a pouch

This is how small the Uniqlo jacket really is when it’s “pouched.” Slightly bigger than a can of coke!

And how about your garment choice when it comes to hitting the road? Do you have your all year favourites or you’re more prone to impulsive clothing decisions? Let me know in the comments below!