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The second part of 2015 was equally busy as the first half. I finally made it to Norway and Italy, two destinations that were on my list for a long time. Second visits to Isle of Wight and Brussels were charming too.


Oslo, Norway

Oslo was one of those cities where you quite don’t know what to expect but they surprise you in a very pleasant way. I loved the abundant outdoor possibilities, beautiful views from parks, the view over the fjord and the fact that everything runs smoothly at any time. Picking a beautiful, cosy apartment on Airbnb helped too. To top it all we ended our visit with a 7-hour train ride to Bergen which might seem long but believe me, it’s a must do if you love scenic rides.

DSC_0222 DSC_0309

Bergen, Norway

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Since I discovered this lavender farm only a bus ride from our home I knew I had to see it. The farm itself isn’t large but makes a nice half-day trip if you’re in London and get out of the city.




Isle of Wight, England

Having been to Isle of Wight exactly two years before I was still pretty excited about this birthday weekend. It’s just one of the places I could visit every weekend. The island is quite compact but has a lot to offer – from walks in the nature to quaint towns to alpaca farms.

DSC_0075 DSC_0155 DSC_0336 DSC_0476


Cinque Terre, Italy

My first visit to Italy couldn’t be prettier. I had quite high expectations of Cinque Terre and the destination certainly didn’t disappoint. I only wish we could spend there a little longer and explore all the hiking paths Cinque Terre has – I dare to say it might be the best way to see these five Ligurian towns.

DSC_0058 DSC_0450 IMG_1853 IMG_2179


Poprad & High Tatras, Slovakia

This might be my most favourite place in the whole Slovakia. Thankfully, part of my family lives there so I have an excuse for a visit any time I’m in my home country.IMG_20151204_120001 IMG_20151204_123604

Brussels, Belgium

Having Eurostar tickets booked for just a couple of weeks from the terrorist attacks in Paris (with a possibility of one of the plotters hiding in Brussels),  I had mixed feelings about this weekend getaway. But the festive mood prevailed and I’m glad we decided to stick to the plan. Streets were full of tourists and locals but the festive atmosphere was oooh so worth it!

DSC_0470 DSC_0626 DSC_0814


And what lies ahead in 2016? Well, as much as I love travelling and discovering new countries, cultures and places, I must admit it can get tiring at times. With work and frequent travelling I didn’t dedicate half the time I wanted to this blog over the past twelve month. I got so many ideas and photos for articles but just couldn’t find time to write. I would like to change this in 2016, catch up on past trips and finally publish posts about all those lovely ventures we had in the last two years rather than diving into too many new trips.


The first half of the year will be pretty exciting though and we’ll start with our very first trip to Asia in early January. I’m also looking forward to Iceland later in April and there are also some talks about a possible ski trip to Andorra.


And after that, who knows. I’m pretty sure though that it’s going to be an awesome year!


How was your year 2015? Are you happy with the choices you made and places you visited?

What are you planning and what do you wish for 2016?