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I love my hometown Sydney and enjoy all its restaurants and cafes. Still, whenever I come to Melbourne I fall in love all over again in its fabulous dining scene. Melbourne is a true culinary hotspot, where it is possible to find the most diverse options, from burger joints to restaurants with big-name chefs.

And not to mention burgeoning alternative food scene offering eco-friendly food, raw ingredients, etc. So, are you ready to join me in discovering the fascinating dining scene in Melbourne? Here are six of my favourite restaurants, hope you will like them.



When you think about Mexican cuisine, you usually imagine spicy hot meat dishes packed with thousands of calories. Melbourne’s Mamasita located in Collins Street, on the other side, reinvents the Mexican cuisine as we know it and enriches it with creative eco-friendly dishes.

This restaurant combines taqueria, tequila bar, informal restaurant and late night supper club into a single fabulous venue. Mamasita offers some classical Mexican dishes with a unique twist, so if you ever stop by, make sure you try the corn-on-a-stick and truffle quesadilla or their fish taco.




Situated in the unassuming suburbs of Melbourne, Attica is one of the most popular chic restaurants in the city. The head chef Ben Shewry is constantly delivering dazzling dishes and eclectic combinations of the ingredients. It is no wonder that Attica is the only Australian eatery which carved its way into the global top 50 restaurants.

For me, Attica is much more than just dining venue, it is an entire experience of sharing space with the food lovers, and enjoying every bite, from the bread at the start of the meal to the sublime macadamia nut dip.




Located in the heart of Melbourne’s theatre district, this venue provides impeccable service, enchanting presentation and delicious dishes. Here, you will get the best of the Australia’s seasonal food packed into pure flavours and simple yet exquisite dishes.

Encore restaurant is a great choice for vegetarian dishes, such as pumpkin ravioli with sage burnt butter, but it can also flaunt with the out-of-this-world six-hour slow cooked lamb shoulder. Pair that up with excellent selection of wines, beers, cognacs and cocktails, and you will see why I love it.




This restaurant exists for 30 years now, and it has been a favourite to locals for just as much. Located in Brunswick, it never seizes to raise eyebrows about its shabby-chic decor and flyer-plastered wall. Another splendid thing about Marios is the food – a wide variety of distinctive Italian flavours.

This restaurant will take you straight to Italy with its penne puttanesca and gnocchi with Napoli sauce, parmesan, spinach and black olives.



Vegie Bar

First of all, Vegie Bar is not a restaurant it is an institution. It exists for more than 20 years and it feeds all the foodies searching for some healthy veggie dishes. This bar is a concept dining destination, feeding your body, your mind and soul.

The presentation of dishes is so delightful that you feel bad about eating it, but when you do, the explosion of healthy flavours in your mouth happens. So, when in Melbourne, try some of their signature dishes like raw san choy bow.


Abla’s Restaurant

This is one of Melbourne’s most loved restaurants, and it is no wonder, since it has established in the distant 1979. You will be thrilled by the delicious dishes the queen of Lebanese cuisine, Alba Amad, makes.

The traditional homemade Lebanese dishes, such as falafel, rice and chicken, lamb, chicken skewers, lamb ladies’ finger pastries, kafta and the sweet baklava are true treats both for the eyes and the taste buds.


These were just some of the many enticing Melbourne’s restaurants. Visit them and discover the magic of the capital of Victoria, but do not stop there. Keep on discovering until you find your favourite.

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