Hi 2015! I know you’ve been around for quite a while already but you’re pretty busy from the very beginning so you cannot blame me. So, what do we have here for this year? I’m going to be 28 (feels quite old, doesn’t it? I should probably change the description from ’20-something’ to ‘almost-30’!), it’s going to be 2 years since I moved to the UK, 3 year anniversary with my Nerd (that’s the longest relationship I ever managed to have, wow!)… But that’s probably not that kind of thing you wanted to hear, right?


So let’s talk travel, shall we?



Morocco has been on my travel bucket list for some time. Like for-ahem-ever and the time has finally come to make this dream come true.

It’s also our very first trip in 2015 which means I’m pretty excited about going SOMEWHERE again as the last time I’ve been somewhere new outside the UK was in… uh, August.

Three cities are on our itineraries: Rabat, Casablanca and Marrakech. Unfortunately no mountains this time but I hope this won’t be my last visit as I have already another Moroccan trip planned in mind.

We’ll be staying in two riads and one very cool looking Airbnb flat so that’s something I look forward to. The only thing I’m not excited are the cold temperatures that Accuweather shows for following nights.

MoroccoPhoto credit: Kevin Hoogheem

Traditional Moroccan soukPhoto credit: kerolic


Oh, Lisbon! Monocle magazine has been raving about it for the past few months (or should I say issues?) and I couldn’t resist. So here goes our long weekend in Portugal in April. I think I’ve already fallen in love with their capital seeing photos on Pinterest and I’m almost dreaming about it at night.

The second biggest selling point were the apartments rented on Airbnb. I swear more than 80% of them look gorgeous and I wouldn’t mind staying in them for a few weeks 🙂 I don’t have a favourite yet but the offer is surely satisfactory! 

As we’re going to be only half an hour from the municipality of Sintra, I would like to make it a part of our trip for sure. Walking around their 19-century Romantic architecture (think castles and palaces) on a sunny Saturday afternoon sounds more than appealing! (especially when I write this on a rainy and cold English-winter evening).

Lisbon viewPhoto credit: moz278

Sintra, PortugalPhoto credit: Angle Torres


Liguria, more specifically Genoa and Cinque Terre region are the coordinates for a short trip in the end of September. I’m especially curious about Cinque Terre – is it so picturesque in reality as is on pictures? We’ll see!

This will be also my first trip to Italy ever. I’ve been putting it off for years without any particular reason but that time is over and I can’t wait!

For the better part of this trip we’ll be staying at La Francesca – a lovely resort with views over the Ligurian sea and just moments from the Cinque Terre National Park. 

We’ll be also staying one night in Genoa but don’t have the accommodation sorted out yet so any insider tips are welcomed!

La Francesca resort, Italy Photo credit: La Francesca

Cinque Terre

Photo credit: ecv5


Not on the list (yet) but still in play:

Canary Islands – Tenerife 

I’ve been dragged to Tenerife since my first trip there and with Nerd ranting about a short break in Canarias endlessly, it’s pretty likely to appear on my To Go list this year again.

Pico del Teide, Tenerife

Photo credit: Ricardo Abengoza Hernandez


It’s been almost two years since I moved to UK and I’ve been finally able to cross off the major sites like Stonehenge and Wales but still haven’t made it to Scotland. With no specific plans for the summer yet it seems to be on the table again.


Photo credit: Tom Donald


Originally we were supposed to lay on a Thai beach around these days but some unexpected events halted this plan last year. The areas we were interested in are allegedly best to be visited from January to March and it’s too late to plan such trip now so we’re putting this on hold but are very keen on realising it finally this year. Wish us luck so it won’t slip out from our plans again!

Thai boats

Photo credit: Ali Catterall


So that’s it – my travel plans for 2015. And what are yours? I’d love to hear about them in comments!