This blog focuses on ‘smart travelling’ – that means to spend as least money as possible to gain maximum experience. Main areas to cover are budget travelling, travel hacks, digital nomad lifestyle, reviews, interviews and inspiring content.


My story


It was a beautiful warm night in Tenerife. Driving around the southern part of the island the Canary radio played Madonna’s Drowned World. Call me an ignorant but I’ve never heard it before (although I really liked Ray of light… or at least songs that were on MTV back then).

That song, in that particular moment, together with warm, not-African-nor-Spanish air hit me hard. A few hours later, sitting on a balcony, listening to the Atlantic ocean and looking at the stars above, I began to feel somehow new.


This was the first time I was (almost) alone in a different country and had to take care of myself, communicating only in English and my beginner’s Spanish.

And that moment, there on the balcony, still with Madonna’s song in my ears I felt for the first time in my life that I can really make it – travel the world and realise all those carefully hidden dreams about encountering many other cultures and living somewhere totally foreign.


It was a magical moment and it changed my life.


A couple years forward I’m living in London and travelling every two or three months (or as often as possible), finally without the fear of unknown and actually enjoying those moments when I have to rely on myself in a new environment.

I’m lucky enough to have a partner who shares this passion and is able to go for a trip almost in a second so I’m not totally alone on my travels but still it’s a huge difference from who I was ten or five years ago.

Travelling has become my drug of choice now and even though I don’t like addictions, I’m intending to keep this one as long as I can.

2011, Tenerife. The trip that changed me.

2011, Tenerife. The trip that changed me.


About me


Apart from being a travel blogger I’m a freelance copywriter, social media pro (I hate all those gurus, ninjas and similar expressions), occasional translator and consultant. If you think I could help you in these areas, hit the Contact section and get in touch.


Some facts & trivia


  • I’m 28 and I’m totally okay with it (as opposed to people who always moan about their age).


  • On the other side, I don’t look like 28 at all (and after all those denying years I’m finally okay with it).


  • I’m originally from Eastern Europe, specifically Slovakia (but don’t call it ‘Eastern’ Europe when you’re there – locals don’t like to be associated with people you usually associate with Eastern Europe).


  • I’ve been to 23 countries so far:

Czech Republic, Slovakia (duh!), Poland, Hungary, Norway, Tunisia, Austria, Netherlands, United KingdomSpainBelgium, Ireland, Portugal, FranceDenmark, Greece, Sweden, Morocco, UAE, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Iceland.

And I’m working as hard as possible to at least double the number in next few years!


  • I don’t eat meat, don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol or coffee but still like to have fun (and always find a way how to have some).


  • I started writing when… I learned to write. Literally. I don’t remember time when I wasn’t writing anything (poems, short stories, unfinished long stories, diaries, news in a newspaper, advertising, blogs…) except the very first years of my life when I didn’t know how to write.
2014. Come at me world, I'm ready for you!

2014, Brussels. Come at me world, I’m ready for you!


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