Forget sunbathing at Barceloneta. Do it like a local and go outside the city for the first class beaches. Sitges is classic among locals and only half an hour from Barcelona. The farther to the south you go, the better beaches you’ll find. I personally spent a couple of days in a small coastal town Torredembarra back in September 2013 and can’t say anything bad about their beaches – sand was great, waters calm, tourists at minimum (in comparison with usual touristy destinations).


Long stretches of sandy beach in Torredembara - pure bliss for a city soul!

Long stretches of sandy beach in Torredembara – pure bliss for a city soul!



But when you’re actually in Barcelona use T10 travel ticket for transportation around the city – it’s cheaper and you can also use it on a train to the El Prat airport.

Having fun with Gaudi's playful architecture in beautiful Parc Guell

Having fun with Gaudi’s playful architecture in the beautiful Parc Guell


Desayuna como un Catalunyan – small cafeterias in Barcelona often offer nice breakfast combos of a croissant with a café for a special price.


Astonishing views from Parc Guell, Barcelona

Astonishing views from Parc Guell


Don’t forget to check local markets – La Boquería is a must for a unique experience full of smells, colours and new tastes. Santa Caterina’s market or various flea markets are also nice optionals.


La Boqueria market in Barcelona is full of colours, tastes and people

La Boqueria is a place where local colours, tastes and people meet


If you’re really after sweet experiences, buy sweets sold cheaply on kilos in local supermarkets (Mercadona for instance). But be careful – this stuff is highly addictive (and full of calories, needless to say) and don’t say I haven’t warned you!

Dummies in Barcelona

Really creepy dummies in the streets of Barrio Gotico


Having fun out of town



Did you know that in Spain marijuana is legal for cultivation and decriminalised for personal possession and private use? (we’re speaking about adults here of course) If this is of your interest, make friends among locals and ask them about details. But be careful, selling cannabis as well as its consumption at public places is penalised with a fine and confiscation.

 Marihuana and hemp museum, Barcelona


Pyrenees or Pirineos in Spanish are only two hours away by train from Barcelona (and only around hour and half by car) and make a nice day trip outside the city. Hopefully you won’t be stopped by bad weather as were we at the time of our visit in September 2013.

This beauty - Pyrenees - is only a few hours by train from Barcelona!

This beauty is only a few hours by train from Barcelona!

Image Credit: SantiMB


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