Sagrada Familia might be tagged as a must see in your itinerary… but don’t even try to get inside without a ticket booked online in advance.

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona


When you feel like an organic meal is what you need after strolling around Barcelona’s calles, I can only recommend Woki Organic Market – a hipsterish organic restaurant combined with a supermarket full of tasty goodies. If you’re crazy about everything organic, this is your heaven.

Burger from Woki Organic Market, Barcelona

My organic veggie burger at Woki Organic Market. Hipster-ish price but the taste was quite satisfying.



Churros are undoubtedly associated with Spanish cuisine but I mind you – choose your churrería carefully. According to the reviews Xurreria at Barri Gotic is the best in town. We tried to experience it on our owns several times but always found it closed. Don’t make the same mistake as we did – don’t go for the first open churreria you’ll find around and wait patiently for the best one. We didn’t have enough patience and tried several others around. While some of them were just mediocre, others were a pure rip-off for something that doesn’t resemble churros even from a distance. So far, the best churros I ever had was in London at the Southbank Christmas Market a two years ago. Somewhat sad, isn’t it?

This is a place in Barrio Gotico where you really DON'T want to try their tourist rip-off version of churros. Stay away of them!

This is a place in Barrio Gotico where you really DON’T want to try their tourist rip-off version of churros (taken from a freezer and heated in a toaster and ridiculously overpriced) . Stay away of them!


If you like lively areas full of urban buzz and you’re prone to shopping sprees abroad, Passeig de Gracia is the right place for you. This avenue stretches over 1.3 kilometres and besides all the main fashion brands shows also some of Gaudi’s notable buildings (Casa Batlló and La Pedrera) as well as those by other Spanish architects.

Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona

Lively and vibrant Passeig de Gracia is not only the most expensive avenue in Spain but also full of amazing architecture, well known boutiques and trendy cafes. Must do for all mainstream and main street shoppers.



I loved strolling around Gracia, a neighbourhood which still keeps its Catalan village feel but doesn’t fail on being modern and trendy. Amazing views from the hilly streets, colourful and amusing details everywhere around (if you have an eye for detail) are just a few of features this charming community has to offer.

Fiesta in Gracia borough, Barcelona

What a luck – there happened to be a fiesta in Gracia during our visit!


Having fun out of town



Just an hour south from Barcelona is a small historical town of Tarragona with a Roman amphitheater. Another great tip for a day trip!

Roman amphitheatre in Tarragona, Spain

Remains of the Roman amphitheatre in Tarragona



If you go a little more adventurous with your search for a perfect beach and have a car rent, explore woods around a town called Tamarit (close to Tarragona) Park your car at the beginning of the forest and after a short hike you’ll find a literally hidden gem – a beach called Waikiki by locals. Not only is this beach still a big secret to many tourists but the sand there is soft and waters pleasantly calm. But I should warn you first – there is also a nude part of the beach so be prepared for it!

Waikiki - a hidden beach near Tamarit, Spain

It takes a little hike to a hidden gem called Waikiki but once you’re there you’ll find the beach very rewarding

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